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3-Style Contouring


3-Style Contouring

how to contour with the number 3 for easy and quick makeup routine

Contouring can actually be super easy! There are a million complicated contouring instructions out there, but many makeup artistry experts recommend that the “3” style is sufficient for most people in most situations. 
The easiest (and quickest) way to contour is by drawing the number 3 from your forehead, down to under your cheek bone then down along your jawline.
If you know this makeup hack then you know how to contour easily and quickly and that means you know how to look way more awake than you feel! It will also help you look slimmer! Happy experimenting!
Ps I put way more product on than normal so it stood out in the video 😉

Draw a 3 from your forehead, down and then into your cheek (at an angle of your preference) and then down and into your jawline. That’s easy, quick, everyday contouring that you and I can actually do! I put extra product on and amped up the contrast so the “3” stood out.

Try just a bit of bronze powder or cream to powder products and remember to blend with a big fluffy brush until it create a shadow without looking like a line. Enjoy experimenting and looking more awake than you feel! 😁😁😁

Where you apply contouring and highlighter product is often where the sun hits your sensitive skin so it’s excellent to know our Bronze Powder and our Translucid and Silver Rose Powders have sun protection and free radical damage protection in them. Amazing. It’s an extra layer of protection for your precious skin. Plus they are anti-aging with the SenePlex complex.

So you look more awake and put together and your skin is actually getting nourished and protected at the same time! Blows my mind that makeup can heal and strengthen my skin. Our makeup won’t block your pores either. It’s just amazing! 
Learning to contour can really lift your “face game”. Be Confident!