Brisbane, Australia

Your makeup and skin care purchases support the work of Project Kindy.

I donate between 5% and 100% of the profits of each purchase to the running costs of Project Kindy. Every $1 we invest in this way leads to $3+ of general donations. It only costs $4/month to send a child to kindergarten rural Malawi, Africa, where they receive daily lunch and early years education.  Thank you!

Malawi, Africa, is one of the poorest countries on earth with a GDP of $450AUD per person.
In 2016, the United Nations World Food Programme declared Malawi, Africa, a “Level 3” which is their highest level of emergency, identifying that 6.5 million (just over a third of the population of 18 million) Malawians need immediate food aid.

Project Kindy fundraises in Australia to support locally run kindergartens in rural Malawi that are managed by the Canossian Sisters. The collaborative kindergarten model provides vital, immediate food security for vulnerable children through the nutritious lunches and improves their ‘school readiness’, raising long term educational and living standard outcomes. Moreover, as active leaders in the initiating and running of the kindergartens, the local villagers avoid the pitfalls of passive receivership.

By supporting Project Kindy in this way you can be assured that 100% of donations collected will directly reach the grassroots level and fund the $4/month/child kindergarten fees of the children. Your help will provide immediate food security and long term improvements in the educational and living standards of the children.

The work of Project Kindy aims to nourish children in need with daily nutritious lunches and early years education with a focus on language and social skills development. Recent years of harsh droughts and destructive floods have worsened the extreme poverty suffered by subsistence farming families in Malawi and children are amongst the most vulnerable, especially in rural areas. Project Kindy raises funds to provide Kindergarten Fees which cost only $4/child/month.

Project Kindy Donors enjoy a direct connection to their Malawian Beneficiaries through our strong relationship with the Canossian Daughters of Charity and the chiefs, teachers, parents and children of the rural villages in Malawi where our kindergartens are located. 100% of the general donations received by Project Kindy directly reaches the kindergartens. The Aussie dollar stretches a long way in Malawi!

Donors are the lifeblood of Project Kindy and their trust and compassion is not taken for granted.

Project Kindy began with 1 kindergarten of 40 students in September 2011 and has expanded over time to 11 this year, and now directly supports nearly 800 children.