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Fundraising for Children in Africa

Order now and help raise money for kids Please help Project Kindy for the JOY of it! The Project Kindy impact is made possible by our Village of generous donors. If you would like to join our Village, please visit our website at or email us at 100% of your donation will reach…
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How to apply eye shadow basics by Donna Power from Pretty Faces Makeup with SeneGence ShadowSense

How To Apply Eye Shadow (basics)

Eye Shadow can be a tricky thing. Fear not! With this makeup tutorial I will show you the basics that I use all the time. Choose your own level by deciding how much time you have for applying eye shadow and the look you’re going for. I promise you it’s simple. If you think it’s…
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how to choose your lipsense colour to match your skin

How to Choose Your Lippy Colour

Choosing your LipSense is determined by a) your personal colour preference, b) your skin tone (are you warm or cool) and c) the colour of your clothes: a) Your colour preference: Find your favourites easily and quickly by sorting through my colour charts. I’ve selected what I’ve seen are the top 36 performing LipSense colours…
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