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How to Apply Foundation


How to Apply Foundation

How to Apply Foundation by Senegence by Donna Power from East Brisbane

How to Apply Foundation. There are so many different ways to apply foundation but there are really just two you need to know – the quick, everyday, sheer coverage version with your fingers, and the full coverage with a brush. How to apply foundation will depend on your personal preference of method- your fingers, a beauty blender or a makeup brush – and outcome you want for your foundation.

If you don’t mind sheer coverage, pat on your tinted moisturiser or foundation with your fingers in a downward motion and then blend with your fingers a little bit (be sure not to wipe it all off again, though)!

For more full coverage, use a beauty blender sponge or makeup brush. Put your foundation on a makeup palette (waxy paper, top of the foundation lid, your hand…) and work it into the brush or sponge (wet your sponge first). Then apply the foundation on your flat, dense brush to your face in either little or big circles or patting (aka stippling) for more full coverage. Start in the centre and blend down your neck. When you know how to apply foundation, it’s fun and easy to Be Confident to put your best face forward.

Colour Correction:
I use the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer daily to hydrate and protect my skin. It evens out your pigments and deeply nourishes your skin. Warning: You may receive compliments such as, “you look 10 years younger”!

CCTM is a virtually weightless tinted moisturiser that has been formulated with Yellow/Green/Mint colour pigments that help to eliminate ruddiness of rosacea or the inflamed red areas of blemish prone skin. For those who desire a ‘barely there’ light and fresh even skin tone and at the same time eliminate red tones, our “CC” cream is the perfect, advanced skin care solution as it can be worn alone or as a first coat.

Either way, the Arnica within the formula acts as a fungicide that helps to eliminate free radicals from the atmosphere and germs that are found naturally proliferated as a result of blemishes. For additional long lasting coverage after application of MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer apply a layer of MakeSense Foundation shade of choice. Whether using MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer alone or with another MakeSense Foundation shade, skin will be protected from harmful rays with a mechanical shield. Antioxidants and peptides provide anti-ageing benefits along with SenePlex Complex that fights fine lines, wrinkles, and firms the skin. Incredible!P.F.M. “Be Confident!”