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How to Choose Your Lippy Colour


How to Choose Your Lippy Colour

how to choose your lipsense colour to match your skin

Choosing your LipSense is determined by a) your personal colour preference, b) your skin tone (are you warm or cool) and c) the colour of your clothes:

a) Your colour preference: Find your favourites easily and quickly by sorting through my colour charts. I’ve selected what I’ve seen are the top 36 performing LipSense colours and arranged them into groups of 4 for easy shopping.
b) Are your veins blue, green, both or purple? If yous are blue, you are cool-toned and suit colours with a blue undertone. If yours are green, you are warm-toned and suit colour with a yellow undertone. If yours are both or purple you’re neutral-toned and suit most colours. Check the ‘shop’ here for details on each colour.
c) Do you wear lots of reds, corals, browns, olive greens, burnt oranges and creams? You love warm colours and would prefer the oranges, browns and reds. Do you wear blues, pinks, purples and whites? You love cool colours and would prefer the pinks, purples and plums.

There are more ways to choose too, based on the colour of your eyes and hair. But I find most ladies already know what works for them.

Donna Power from Pretty Faces Makeup wearing Pink Champagne LipSense and Deep Plum ShadowSense

Tip 1: If you wear a strong eye colour, choose a soft lip colour. I LOVE wearing Deep Plum ShadowSense to bring out the green in my eyes. I love creating the illusion that I have bigger eyes by blending in Snow around the inner lids. So because that’s quite a strong colour, I’ve gone with Pink Champagne, a cool-toned natural pink with a bit of a shine. I add contouring under my cheeks and across my forehead and jawline (in a “3”) with Senegence Loose Bronze Powder – it’s super easy to blend. I effortlessly brush on Silver Rose Dust as blush and highlighter in one. I even dusted some on my eye lids. 
My foundation is a mix of light and medium Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser plus I have Light Concealer on my eyelids and the triangle under my eyes. 
Man I can’t get over my lashes. They flutter as I blink! They’ve grown longer and multiplies with LashExtend on the roots and LashSense mascara. 
I use Smoked Topaz ShadowSense on my brows. And I finish with Translucid Natural Powder all over. 

Buy Nude LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Nudes are a very common go-to as they give you a lift without distracting from your eyes. Create long lashes and paint on some complimentary eye shadow to make your eyes pop. These 4 nudes/browns are very popular.

Buy Light Nude LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Keeping with the theme of a gentle lip colour, these drink-themed LipSense hues will add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your look. Again, emphasise your eyes and your lips will finish the look without distracting. These are great everyday colours for both work and evening.

Buy Bronze LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

If you have warm-toned skin (with a yellow base) these colours are going to look beautiful on you and are perfect for everyday wear or a special night out. Honey Rose is my biggest seller. How can you tell if you have warm-toned skin? Look at your veins in your wrists – do they appear green (in varying depth)? If yes, you have a yellow base (blue veins + yellow tone = green appearance). On the other hand if you have cool- toned skin these colours won’t look as great on you.

Donna Power from Pretty Faces Makeup wearing Violette LipSense

Match your lippy with your outfit. Think complimentary colours! Wearing green? Go purple hues on your lips. Wearing blue? Go bronze or brown. Wearing neutrals? Go bold! I’m wearing soft denim and white tonight so adding a pop of soft pink/purple to add a gentle vibrancy. Ps this lippy has not smudged onto my mic at all during this gig and I keep missing it during the songs!

Buy Coral LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Some people will LOVE these LipSense colours and some people will NOT! Generally, if you’re a warm-toned human, especially tanned blondes, redheads and Asian brunettes, you’re going to look incredible in these. They will give you that extra vibrant boost you’re looking for. Summer Sunset is your “entry level” coral with Samon LipSense a great mid. She’s Apples and Pomegranate are strong, bold hues that really pop!

Donna Power from Pretty Faces Makeup wearing Praline Rose LipSense

“Off on a date with the husband! A Sunday arvo sneaky getaway from the toddler thanks to a girlfriend who offered to babysit!I’ve gone for my fave in the nude range “Praline Rose”. Actually, I put this on at 8:30 this morning and have been sweating up a storm working in my store room this morning too. Impressive humidity-proof makeup!”
Buy Red LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Wear red lippy to feel confident, strong and sexy. Pair it with black, white, navy or cream fashion and red shoes, earrings and clutch for an easy wow-factor. Red LipSense doesn’t smudge off, kiss off, dry out your lips or bleed into your skin and is a complete game-changer. Most ladies I meet have decided to ditch bold lip colour because it’s so frustrating or embarrassing when it’s half or completely disappeared within an hour of applying it. Blu-Red and Fly Girl last 18 hours on me! Just make sure you apply them in 3 very thin layers and really let them each dry very well. Then keep applying thin layers of the shea butter Glossy Gloss to keep the colour strong. It will BLOW your mind!

Buy Light Pink LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

A touch of pink LipSense goes a long way to making you look healthier and more energetic (than you may feel 😜).

Buy Pink LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

These strong pink LipSense hues give you such a confidence boost! I personally love all 4 and wear them to evening events. The first time I wore “Kiss for a Cause” it was Riverfire night and as the night (and drinks) rolled on I just kept falling in love myself more and more 🤣🤣🤣! I kept saying to husband, “look how hot I am!” 😂😂 he didn’t really think it was that big of a deal for which he repented later 😆😆. I think these 4 are my favourites- they’re so fun and they stay on for several hours as long as you keep applying the Glossy Gloss.

Sassy Z LipSense on Donna Power

“Sassy Z Lipsense is one of my everyday go-to mid colours. Today I practices making my top lip appear bigger by drawing a thin line of the liquid lip colour just above my lip. It’s super fun to play with colour when you know it’s not going to let you down.”
Buy Mid Pink LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Sheer Berry is one of my top sellers because it suits everyone as it’s a blend of warn and cool tones and makes the perfect everyday shade for work. These hues are all in the mid range of vibrancy so if you’re looking for an instant boost of energy and a professional look that’ll last all day you’ve found your perfect lippy here. Vegan, cruelty free, wax free and GMO free Lipsense is 100% made in the USA. Did you know that cosmetic brands who manufacture in China or some other Asian countries most likely have to test their products on animals there to comply with their laws? Check your “made in” label!

Buy Purple LipSense in Brisbane through Donna Power from P.F.M. an active SeneGence distributor

Napa and Violette are two of my top sellers as they blend in to suit most if not all skin types. They may look more pink or more purple on you depending on your skin. Cool-toned ladies will look striking in purple hues as they complement your blue-based skin. Goddess gives you an instant, fun pick-me-up and Violet Volt is an excellent layering colour to add cool-toned depth to other LipSense colours. Put these lippies on in 3 very thin layers before work, let them dry Then apply and keep applying the Glossy Gloss and you’ll be delighted by how vibrant they make YOU look and the compliments you’ll receive even at the end of your shift/day.