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How to Pick Eye Shadow Colours


How to Pick Eye Shadow Colours

How to Pick Eye Shadow Colours using SeneGence ShadowSense cream to powder products sold in Brisbane Queensland by Donna Power

An easy way to choose your eye shadow colour is by using the opposite colour to your eyes.  Even a swipe of these colours will enhance your eye game such as using the shadow as a liner or accent on the outer or inner lid.  Another trick is to use a darker version of your eye colour (the opposite of opposite šŸ˜‰ ) Or perhaps a combination of same and opposite.  Enjoy experimenting with your eye shadow!  It’s fun and it’s easy to Be Confident!

Brown eyes look stunning with blue or green eye shadow.  You can also look fantastic with purples, too and of course a deeper shade of brown.  Use our cream to powder, vegan, botanical, anti-aging, longwear eye shadow (“ShadowSense”) to create simple looks for work and everyday wear or glamorous looks for a night out.  You can easily use our product to draw a line, blend your colour palette like a professional or simply apply one colour over your lid.  It’s so easy! 

Blue eyes look striking with brown, copper and bronze eye shadow.  Our Moca Java eye shadow in matte and shimmer is a very very popular colour for everyday work wear.  Our eye skin is fragile so it’s amazing to note that this product is anti-aging due to it’s beautiful blend of nourishing botanical ingredients.  This means wearing eye shadow will be nurturing your vulnerable skin, making it younger!  The SenePlex Complex stimulates your cells to grow to their full potential and speeds up their renewal rate.  Amazing!

Green eyes pop with purple eye shadow!  Whether you wash a lighter lavender (amethyst + snow) across your whole lid, or draw a deep plum eye line, or blend from deep to light across the outer to inner, you’ll look amazing.  Does your powder eye shadow frustrate you at all?  I’ve heard many women complain about powder dropping onto their cheeks as they apply their shadow.  With our cream to powder product, re-doing your cheek makeup is a thing of the past.  The cream does not drop!  You  apply it with your finger, a brush or the wand it comes with, and then blend it in with a brush or your finger and it stays where you put it!  Incredible!

Hazel eyes look beautiful with purples, blues and greens, just like the brown and green-eyed ladies.  Use a variety of brushes to get different looks – it’s really fun!  Blending cream-to-powder eye shadow is really therapeutic, actually!  Make sure to keep your eyes closed, or at least nearly closed, for a few minutes to make sure the shadow really dries.  I like to brush my teeth while I’m letting my eye shadow dry, that way I know it will stay put! 

Keeping eye shadow from smudging, creasing or disappearing can be quite frustrating for many women, especially those of us with hooded eye lids!  Here’s the most amazing trick that will bring back the joy of having colour on your eyes!  Use our anti-aging, botanical, longwear cream-to-powder eye shadow and blend it with a fluffy brush until it’s even and if you’re in a rush, let it dry well before you open your eyes again!  That means take a few minutes to keep your eyes closed or nearly closed and do something else while you wait, e.g. brush your teeth!!  It is now super easy to have beautiful, complimenting eye shadow on ALL DAY at work or at your event or night out.  Even the shiny silver eye shadow from SeneGence lasts a very long time – you can even sleep in it!