Brisbane, Australia

Personal Stylist


Meet Svetlana Kara, a personal stylist whose passion in life is everything fashion – think colour, shape, flattering lines, stylish ensembles, finishing touches in accessories and shoes.  I have found Svetlana to be very kind, knowledgeable, helpful and genuinely encouraging.  She charges $100/hour and recommends 2 hours of shopping with her after she prepares a portfolio of looks just for you.  I can easily spend $200 – $300 on the wrong clothes, even if I just add up all the stuff I’ve bought from Kmart and Target over the last year!  Think of hiring Svetlana as a way to LEARN how to dress well and therefore SHOP well too, saving you money in the long run.

Svetlana took me to shops such as Sportscraft, Country Road and David Lawrence for clothes, Nine West for shoes and Lovisa for jewellery.  You can choose to buy as little or as much as you want on the day, or keep a wish list for the future.  You will enjoy your time with her, feel more comfortable in your own skin and understand that quality over quantity wins in your closet and travel luggage!  She’s so clever!

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