Brisbane, Australia

The Perfect Skirt


The Perfect Skirt


Long Thin Legs

Although your basic impulse may be to opt for a skirt that showcases those legs for days, a very stylish option is wearing a midi, or tea length skirt. A skirt that falls below the knee and just above the ankle is incredibly classic, feminine and stunning, and if you have the long legs to pull it off, don’t shy away from this silhouette! (Pair with killer heels!)

Shorter Legs

Shorter legs means you get to wear shorter skits! The ideal length for this body type is one that is cut right above the knee. Showing your knees will visually elongate your legs. A trendy flat and an edgy jacket will complete the look!


Wider Hips

This might sound counter-intuitive – but to balance out wide hips wear pencil skirts, but be sure to chose those that are not too tapered at the hemline. And try wearing a statement necklace to draw attention to your upper body!

Narrow Hips

By wearing a full skirt you are visually adding volume below the waistline. This option works wonders if you are looking to visually add a few inches in the hip area. For extra effect, wear a thick belt to cinch in the waist!


Than you Svetlana!  If you have any questions for our resident stylist, Svetlana Kara, please don’t hesitate to ask!